Create a Vertical Pallet Garden

Posted: 5/26/2015 9:07:20 AM

Welcome the 2015 summer season by creating your very own Vertical Pallet Garden!

This is a great option for those who want to do gardening, but are limited on space.

As a first step, be sure that the pallet you choose has been heat treated and not fumigated with pesticides. 

Then, decide if you want to plant from seed (which will take longer to grow and bloom), or use already blooming annuals such as marigolds, poppies and morning glories. Don’t forget the potting soil, landscaper’s fabric, staple gun and staples. Also, sandpaper the pallet to avoid getting splinters, and if you want to paint your pallet, doing so before planting is best.

Once you cover your pallet with the fabric and secure with staples (on the back side and bottom areas only), start planting from the top while the pallet is laying flat on the ground. Plant the flowers (or seeds) very close to each other (approx. 6 per pallet level), and be generous with the soil throughout.

When you are finished, the soil should be packed tightly and not showing very much, only the flowers should be hanging out of the pallet slots.

Then lift up and position the pallet exactly where you want it. Some people have added wooden “feet” to pallets to remain freestanding. 

Water frequently, and pay special attention to the flowers on the lower levels as they may need extra watering.

Reynolds has everything you need to create your very own Vertical Pallet Garden. 

Stop by to see our wide selection of plants and seeds, and be sure to sign up for our Landscaper’s Card to receive special discounts and sale notices all year long!



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