Gardening Trends For 2015

Posted: 4/24/2015 10:39:22 AM

For 2015, gardening and landscaping trends are all about entertaining, vegetable gardens and natural products.

Nowadays, homeowners want to spend more time enjoying their outdoor living spaces both as a tranquil retreat, as well as with friends and family.   Some things being considered are what to include in those areas as far as types of shrubs, flowers and plantings, along with what kind of patio furniture to include.  Reynolds is fully-stocked with all of the items that you’ll need, and our professional staff is always there to answer any questions you may have.

As some people are interested in eating “super foods" these days, another growing gardening trend is to create your very own vegetable garden.  Depending on your soil and climate, a food like kale (which is not always available in the grocery store), can be planted for you to enjoy in your home-cooked recipes.  And there is something really special about making your own salsa with tomatoes and hot peppers you’ve grown yourself.

Since there is an option these days to “go organic,” gardeners are making changes when it comes to the types of products they are using as well.  For example, they are being careful not to alienate butterflies and ladybugs, who are natural pest eaters, in using less chemicals and pesticides which could keep the "good guys" away.

Stop in Reynolds Garden Center and check out the types of products we carry.  If you don’t see it, just ask!

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