Houseplants provide a breath of fresh air... literally!

Posted: 1/13/2015 8:12:56 AM


January is a great time of year to refresh your house with plants.

In this recently published article, it notes that houseplants can make a “home cleaner and healthier by reducing indoor pollutants and adding humidity to the dry, heated air.”

The piece also notes that NASA (yes, the group that sends astronauts into space), “In an effort to create sustainable space station habitats… has carried out valuable research on houseplants.”

Some plants, in just 24 hours, have proven to rid the air of pollutants up to 90-percent.

The article furthers that for a home size of 2,000 square feet, 15 to 20 house plants would suffice.

Examples of plants which NASA has called “top air-purifying plants," include: peace lily, dragon plant, heartleaf philodendron, English ivy, Chinese evergreen, Areca palm, Rubber plant, Boston fern, and mother-in-law’s tongue.”

Be sure to stop by Reynolds today to select an array of houseplants for your home!

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