It’s Time To Bring Outdoor Plants Back Inside

Posted: 10/27/2014 2:19:01 PM


As we get closer to the month of November, and this coming weekend is when we’ll officially change the clocks back one hour, the time has come to bring the outdoor plants you have back inside.

One of the first things to do, as noted in this article, is to be sure there are no pests living on your plants.  Gardeners are encouraged to, “Look pots [of plants] over carefully…”

Of note, your tropical plants could potentially have the most “shock” in being brought back inside as they are used to a lot of sunlight, and now their time in that light will be reduced.  

The article furthers, “…move your plants inside before you have to turn on heat constantly. They [plants] can adjust to indoor conditions better before the extra stress of warm, dry air is added to the environment.”

As you bring the outdoors back inside, be sure to stop by Reynolds for all of the materials you will need. They have a great selection of pottery – and it’s all on sale at 30% OFF.  

Plus, if you need some additional houseplants to continue your gardening hobby through all four seasons, stock up now as Reynolds is offering 25% OFF houseplants.

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