Fall is for Planting!

Posted: 10/6/2014 9:46:08 AM

October is an ideal time of year to plant trees, shrubs and perennials.  So with that, now through the end of the month Reynolds is offering 50% OFF trees, shrubs and perennials!

John Kelly, General Manager of Reynolds’ Garden Center, offers these fall planting tips:

~ Remember to water your new additions to the garden. Even though the weather is getting cooler, the sun and wind can dry out your new plants.

~ Placing some fresh mulch around the base of the plant will help retain moisture and insulate the roots.

~ Don’t plant your new shrubs or trees too deep. They have to breathe so keep the top of the root ball level with the ground.

~ If you have poor soil, adding an amendment such as top soil or compost at the time of planting will benefit the plant.  

~ Any extra soil can be used to make a saucer around the new installation that will help direct water towards the plant.

~ Don’t be afraid to ask when is the best time to prune your new plant. Different plants have different pruning requirements. If in doubt, just ask one of the professionals at Reynolds!

If you have not signed up for Reynolds’ Landscapers Discount Card yet, now is the time!  You’ll receive even more discounts with purchases.

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