Three Things to Consider when Planning Outdoor Living Space

Posted: 7/28/2014 10:17:34 AM

In the article, “Decorate Outdoor Space for Summer Fun,” it says to consider 3 things when planning your outdoor living space: how you plan to use the space, the lighting options and your décor theme.

For the first topic, the piece asks you to think about how you plan to use the space.  For example, “If you like to throw lots of parties, think about creating different areas in your backyard to keep your guests mingling.”  Reynolds Landscaping view’s each project as “an open palette,” when it comes to the many possible uses for your outdoor living space.

The article then suggests taking into account the “guiding light” options the space can, and should, include.  It notes, “while natural light is flattering, once the sun goes down you need to think about other lighting options.” Whether it is walkway, landscape, waterfront or decorative elements, Reynolds Lighting will create a one-of-a-kind ambiance just for you.

The third thing to consider is the overall theme of our outdoor living area.  The article offers a suggestion that, “your outdoor space should be an extension of the unique style and aesthetics of the rest of your house.”  Plus, “colourful lanterns, bowls overflowing with shells or gilded mirrors are all outdoor décor ideas that reflect a specific theme.”  Reynolds Garden Shop has as wide array of plants, flowers and decorative elements to put the finishing touches on your outdoor oasis – check out this week’s sales to help get your project started!

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