Create Your Very Own Herb Garden This Summer

Posted: 6/18/2014 3:43:16 PM

Summer is a great time to plant an herb garden.  Herbs are colorful, versatile and edible. Plus herb gardens are something kids can get involved with as well!’s article features great ideas of what to use when choosing the pot for your herbs, as well as where to actually place your herb garden.

Another interesting idea noted in the piece is choosing herbs that you can use in recipes. For example, homemade pizza can include thyme, basil and oregano. Reader’s Digest outlines additional herbs to plant for your other favorite recipes such as dill, chives, mint and more!

And, just in time to get your herb garden started, Reynolds is offering 20% OFF on herbs now through June 23, and on Saturday, June 28, Reynolds is giving away a FREE 4-inch herb with every $25 purchase.

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