Spring into Fall

Posted: 9/21/2016 10:38:08 AM

In the spring, we’re excited about all the flowers and often buy on impulse those that will provide instant gratification. That’s really fun and your garden can look lush, colorful and magnificent in no time. 

But perhaps in all that excitement, you neglected to consider what your garden would look like come late summer and fall. Your garden now may no longer have the joie de vivre you saw earlier in the season. 

The good news is now that many of your plants have already entered dormancy leaving your garden a little blah, it’s a great time to reassess your landscape and determine which areas need a pick-me-up. With a little planning, next fall you will experience beautiful blooms like those you enjoy at the beginning of the season.

So now is the time to window shop – or garden browse – to see which late-blooming perennials will best suit your landscape when you plant them in the spring. Sometimes looking at other yards provides the best perspective and will help determine which look you prefer.

Some of the perennials you’re likely to see blooming now are Black-eyed SusansCardinal flowersCommon bonesetsGreat blue lobeliasJoe-Pye WeedMistflowersNew England AstersSeaside GoldenrodSneezeweed and White Turtleheads. All of these are native, bloom through October and thrive on LBI.

Has “garden browsing” left you overwhelmed? Not to worry. We’re here to help advise you on your plant choices and garden design. Just give us a call at 609-597-6099!

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