Spice Up Your Landscape!

Posted: 6/22/2016 9:50:55 AM

We love incorporating herbs into our gardens and landscapes. We design purely culinary gardens but also use herbs to complement flowers gardens, provide ground cover and create borders.

Here are a couple of fun ways to incorporate herbs into your landscape:


Rosemary can be trimmed into hedges for a low-profile look or as ornamental topiaries as an attention-grabber. The advantage of incorporating rosemary around patios, porches and decks is that it is a natural bug repellent. Rosemary is great for flavoring bread, potatoes and chicken and pork.


Thyme provides great ground cover around stepping stones. The green, gold, silver colors provide a nice contrast to stones and the aroma released when feet brush against it is subtle and delicious! Thyme is great in soups and sauces as well as turkey.


Planting lavender in a window sill container facing the east will allow the sea breeze to bring the fresh scent into your home. Best air freshener ever! But don’t stop with the aromatic uses of lavender… be sure to try lavender sugar cookies!


Basil is a great filler and backdrop for flowering gardens. Basil grows tall (and wide), flowers and has green and purple color options. Not to mention, it’s a staple in the kitchen!


Great for borders of flowering gardens, chives will return each spring. Use chives in cooking but remember that heat dilutes the flavor. That’s why chives are used so commonly for garnish, in salads or cold soups.


With a variety of colors to choose from, sage is another great border plant. Sage has a unique flavor and is great for poultry, stuffing and eggs.


What parsley lacks in color diversity, it makes up for in its unique shape. This herb is a great addition to flower beds where it will really thrive. Parsley is one of the most compatible flavors and can be added to virtually anything including soups, salads and meat dishes.

We’re happy to help you design your herb garden or help you incorporate herbs into your existing landscape. To get you started, be sure to stop by Reynold’s Garden Center this Saturday, June 25th as we give away a FREE 4-inch herb with every $25 purchase!

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