Newest “Cool and Funky” Community Garden Thriving in Manahawkin

Posted: 8/14/2015 9:52:10 AM


Community gardens can be found all across the country, and the world, and one of the newest is located on West Bay Avenue at Heritage Park and A. Paul King Park in Manahawkin, NJ..

The garden has been a vision and effort of Reynolds’ owner Mark Reynolds, Stafford Township Recreation Department Director Betti Anne McVey, and many volunteers.

There are not only local elements represented in the garden including items from Reynolds’ family members (a fallen tree branch from son Luke’s property), and a remnant from Super Storm Sandy (chunck of bulkhead), but there are also vegetables and herbs prospering as well.

An article published in The SandPaper, notes that “….community gardens yield not only produce and plants but also satisfying labor, neighborhood improvement and connection to the environment.”

The article goes on to say, “…the garden demonstrates to kids, ‘this is where you find a tomato’”.

Though it most likely will take three years to become fully sustainable, the garden and pavilion could perhaps be rented out for future events and weddings, thus bringing in for the city. It could also play host to fall and spring clean up events, gardening workshops and student day camps.

The opportunities are endless - be sure to stop by and visit it!

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